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Investment opportunities

We use our extensive network of private and professional contacts to acquire properties that are not advertised on the market, thus placing our clients in the best position for acquisition.


It is not always easy to find the ideal partner, especially for international investors, so to be able to secure your private or business investment; we have selected a range of partners experienced in the market and with positive feedback.

 We can thus enable, through partnerships, the following services:

Property and Project Management

Jupiterorbis offers its clients a property management plan and real estate projects so that you can make the most of your real estate assets.

Our plans also ensure remodeling works, of small, medium and large dimensions in the most diverse areas: Retail, Commerce, Services, Housing, Health & Wellness.

Residential Property Management

In addition to providing consultancy, we prepare a strategic plan for each asset, promote tenant loyalty and ensure the collection of rents. We also favor the adoption of environmental policies, which can bring added value in terms of energy and savings.

Our asset management plans include:

  • Financial and legal management;

  • Mail management, transfers of water, electricity and gas bills;

  • Collection of rent, issuing receipts and notices;

  • Monthly deposit in the customer’s account;

  • Operative and functional management of the building / property;

  • Management of complaints and claims;

  • Immediate resolution of events;

  • Management of works and repairs;

  • Technical management and cost control

Commercial property management

We not only manage residential properties, but also commercial properties, covering various industries such as retail, industry, leisure, among others.

Our Facilities Management plans include:

  • Quality policy management;

  • License and Insurance Processing;

  • Implementation of commercial strategies;

  • Security services;

  • Audits;

  • Equipment management and maintenance.

Study and Project

We work in a focused way until we find adjusted solutions for the construction, rehabilitation and remodeling of buildings. For this, we have reliable partnerships able to develop engineering and architecture studies and projects.

Our services include:

  • Coordination, verification and analysis of projects;
  • Licensing;
  • Specialty Projects;
  • Construction Supervision and Monitoring;
  • Consultancy and Construction Management.

Legal and Tax Support

In order to ensure greater security for our customers, we provide legal support during the purchase and investment process.

The purchase of a property implies knowing all the legal elements involved in the business, such as deed, contracts, taxes and certificates.

A compra de um imóvel implica conhecer todos os elementos legais envolvidos no negócio, como escritura, contratos, impostos e certidões.

In addition to these elements, we also support in obtaining:

  • Portuguese nationality
  • Visas – Golden Visa, Green Gold, Students Visa, etc.
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Private Documents and Powers of Attorney
  • Regularization of Immigrants
  • Tax Framework in the RNH Regime
  • Deed Signings and Records

Decoration and Interior Design Projects

For a more complete proposal we offer a key service that includes decoration and interior design. Before beginning intervention of the spaces we present our a 3D project so that the client van have a general perspective of the space.

We carry out the entire process from interior design, construction work to interior design according to customer preferences.


Jupiterorbis is made up of an experienced team in the National and International Market, which will help you find the perfect property and investment.

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